an app that helps you to remember the most important things about your friends, especially about their kids

at the right time

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About the App
ReContact App allows you to:
Add kids with their birthdays to parent's contact
Add important comments to contacts and kids
Set reminders about special events
Few examples on how to use ReContact daily
ReContact helps you to remember important details about your friends and their kids at the right time
Make your friends feel important - remember details about them and their kids
Avoid embarrassing situations when you forget details that you should remember
Great conversations build strong relationships – you will always have a great topic to talk about
Customer reviews

Private notes  ★★★★★

By far the best place to store private notes about my contacts.


Friends kids birthdays ★★★★★

Brilliant for adding kids with birthdays to their parents.


Great birthday reminder ★★★★★

Now I can remember birthdays in timely manner. Thanks!


Handy! ★★★★★

Birthday reminder with an option to greet directly. Very handy!


Be a better friend! ★★★★★

Helps me to remember about the importance of good relationships.


Less stress ★★★★★

Now I have less stress not to forget important things ;)


Many features ★★★★★

I found some good features, i.e., to follow up the list of my debts.


Good luck ★★★★★

Currently fulfills my expectations about the best parents' app. Good luck in further development.

We believe that relationships with family, friends and team are the greatest value of life
Armands Uzraugs
Co Founder, Project Manager
Jānis Uzraugs
Co Founder, Designer
Oskars Liukis
iOS Developer
Agnese Uzrauga
Marketing Guru
Mārtiņš Bērziņš
Web designer
ReContact values
Easiness and speed of use - user friendly in every detail - easy to use daily
Developed for your needs - your feedback is greatly appreciated
Security guaranteed - your personal information security is our top priority
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ReContact philosophy
Good relationships
Having good interpersonal relationships is important part of meaningful life. It is important to have a good relationship within your family, with your friends and also in your social and professional life. In certain time you may understand that you can have better relationships if you are ready give a little effort in that.
Good thing is that building strong and meaningful relationships is enjoyable process. 
Few advices for relationship:
• Listen carefully and show interest in speaker
• Remember important personal details
• Make others feel important
Taking care of the relationship is more important when the speed of life increases and you want to take the best of every moment. You want to have conversations full of positive emotions – having great emotions of friendship and joy of giving great emotions to your friend.
There is no need to remember everything
There is too much information around us and we are worrying about not to forget important details. ReContact is a great tool how to relieve stress about it - just make notes and no worry about forgetting. There are no memory problems if you forget something - there are only too much information to remember. Human beings are tending to be forgetful. ReContact will help you to answer such questions as “how to remember everything” or “how to remember names”. You don’t need to remember everything and don’t stress about forgetting – enjoy the moment.
To be a better friend
We believe that ReContact app will help you to be a better friend, because good friends remember important details about their friends. Remember details and dates and surprise friends to make them feel important.
With ReContact you will improve interpersonal communication skills because you will always have interesting conversation topics to talk about. People like to talk about their kids, hobbies and achievements.
Be a better parent
You may think that you are the one that knows your family the best. We suggest you to check if you can answer all app comment types about your spouse and kids? Hope you can 
It is useful to add your own information and add kids because then you can share your card within your closest friends circle. App is also useful to make notes about hard to remember numbers, any specific medicines etc. add reminders about kids’ events.
Be a better leader
Franklin Delano Roosevelt has said “One of the simplest and most important ways of gaining goodwill is to remember names and make people feel important. To be interesting, be interested. Ask questions that other persons will enjoy answering.”
ReContact helps you to improve ability to build good relationships and also communication skills. These are top leadership qualities that you can train using the app. As you will improve leadership skills you will notice that ReContact may help you to build strong relationships in workplace, neighborhood and business.
Daily tips on using ReContact
ReContact will make your life easier and will reduce stress not to forget some important details. 

Here are some practical benefits you can gain from ReContact:
• Make notes about important details related to people. Start with yourself and your kids. Then add friends, their kids, neighbors, colleagues and everyone else you really care about. Make notes that are hard to remember and also important to remember.
• Get to know better your colleagues and teammates, their habits, values and family habits.
• Make notes about your ideas about gifts or ideas how to surprise your friends. This is common problem to remember things when opportunity comes. Be the one who brings the gifts with emotions. You can easily make a list of Christmas gifts using functionality “List of Comments”.
• Remember to thank who deserves that and always remember your debts, even the smallest ones. Sometimes the friendship is ruined by silly debt that is forgotten. It is not worth that.
• Remember your kid friends’ food preferences. This is as much important when making party and going to party.

ReContact is the most user friendly iPhone app to make contact related notes and reminders with feature to add kids to contacts. We want to develop on customer needs so you are welcome to share your feedback via e-mail team[at] and allow ReContact to become as the best contacts app.

Important note:
We recommend you to use ReContact application with sincere and honest respect to other person private life. We believe that app will result in more meaningful life for you, your family and friends.
Full list of app functions
• Add contacts from Facebook & phone book with key information
• Add kids to parents with birthdays – receive birthday notification in the birthdays’ morning
• Add reminder about birthday in timely manner, i.e. two days before
• Add other reminders about important dates (set date, time, text and recurrence)
• Add standardized comments to parents and kids. Focus on details that are not available in social networks
• Make list of one type comments from all contacts and kids, i.e. make a list of Christmas gifts, debt list, list of friends’ favorite foods etc.
• Fast dial call, send message and send an e-mail functions directly from app. You can use ReContact as favorite contacts app
• Share or receive contacts with kids and comments via e-mail.
• Share your feedback by filling a small survey with 3 questions
Thanks for support
Greatest thank for inspiration and making believe that we can make something great and valuable for many others goes to Robin Sharma. The man who we haven’t met but maybe someday.

Thanks to TechHub Riga team for mentoring in TechHub Riga Startup academy. Ideas and comments were very valuable.
Thanks to froont team for helping us to make this good-looking web page. Wish them all the greatest moments in their product development and journey of customer attraction.
Thanks to our families and our friends who support us but doesn’t meet us that much as they has deserved that.